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about this website

welcome to, the ultamite gaming website.

i have many great friends like alex and bea who have seen this website and hope see this.

i like making websites with html, i HATE wix! WIX IS SO BAD I HATE WIX! you can read about my burning hate for wix below.

website maker reccomendations

if you want to make a website like this, please, and i mean, PLEASE, do not turn to wix. they make awful websites that take forever to make.

if u dont know html that well open ai's chat gpt can literally make the html for your website. if you really want to stay away from html but want to make a website,

use something called carrd,it is so much easier than wix, and it makes way simpler non-scrolling websites that are easy to make.

news ⓘ


we are nearing 10,000 views and i thank you all for feeling as if my website is visit worthy


i purchased the url i am proud with my achivement and will be flexing it. i am so happu happy happu!


whats up guys, today i will be starting my break and will be break-ing.


ibuy now has advertisements and will be monitored closely for any submissions. you can go enter for an ad here and please work within the limits of 800 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. im also getting close to 6k visits, so thank you for thinking my website is good enough to visit!!!!!1


hey there.. i have been inactive with my website for quite a while for some reasons which include me sending my laptop into best buy's geek squad to replace my laptops lcd. i have recieved my laptop and it now has a crack in the top of the plastic casing. i wish i was joking but maybe dont go to best buy for laptop support. this is a lesson to support small buisiness folks and not big scammer companys like best buy. i may be inactive for quite some time. i might be able to edit this website from my phone, but thats painfull. thank you for 4000 visits while i was away!!!!!

here's an update on this very dramatic issue.

best buy pracitcally shoved their middle finger up my nose saying a crack is "cosmetic damage" and wont affect the pc's performance. the peformance may be correct, but a scratch is beyond cosmetic damage. BOYCOTT BEST BUY 2024!!!!!1!1!!!


IBUY!!!!!! ITS WORKING!!!!!!! go test ibuy because i have been working very hard. it takes lots of sweat and tears to develop a website this good.


ibuy is FINALLY working.. somewhat. if im feeling up for it i will update it tommorow. i dont think i'll be busy next week so if i dont update this place its out of pute procrastination. we paid 35 dollars for a glorified dog treat today. it does prevent my dogs from ticks and those little goobers, but 35 dollars!!! now go test ibuy.


as of now.. im still procrastinating on this site because of no motivation! woo!!! fear not, i will be back. i wont say when i will come back because every time i've said that in the past it wasnt true. i dont know if anybody really cares about this website or even goes on it regularly because the code is quite messy and bad. but you know what i blame? this being my first true website.. if you want to see more things in the extras category, dm @evnalosysj on discord. i also cannot seem to get brackets on my pc, so i've been stuck with the weird build in code editor of neocities. ive never hated text more.


who's sick again? oh wait, me. ibuy's release will be pushed back because my friend taking advatnage of my lack of time to focus and messing it up. he is no longer in change of my neocities account and is working on a crt for me. meanwhile, i will be in bed trying to recover from this life threatening desease i have caught called "a cold", but afterwards hopefully i will be able to work on ibuy. in summer break i will be able to work on this place without worrying about my friends nuking my account. also pro tip, if you wanna load this website on a vista or xp machine, use mypal or k-meleon.




so.. my break got a little long eh??? well its fine.. i will maybe update this tommorow if you guys are lucky...

visit the news archive! (2-15-24 through today)

update log ⓘ has been developed by.. you guessed it, me!

pray for this to be released


check out bluestarch mobile! also check out ibuy!